Bates Gas Company Verified


Bates Gas is Albany’s hometown propane authority. From the home to the farm and everywhere in between, Bates Gas Company bridges the gap between the simple comforts of home and access to an American natural resource that’s powering industry and the modern home.

Bates Gas delivers, installs, and services a wide variety of propane products. Talk to a team member today about how you can effectively use propane!

Bates Gas Company is a family-owned business with industry experts that are connected to their community. Our employees care about their craft as well as the people around them.


Q Do you refill small propane tanks for grills?

Yes, at Bates Gas we can refill your grill or fryer propane tank on the spot.

Q I have a stationary propane tank for my home, can you fill/refill it?

Yes, just give us a call and we can schedule a service time to come fill or refill your tank.

Q Is using propane a good deal?

As a natural resource, propane is reliable, abundant and affordable. It operates independent of the electric grid, is constantly being produced to meet and exceed demand, and offers an affordable means of power relative to oil prices.