The Good Life Store Verified

A safe space to improve your everything!

Georgia’s biggest and best legal THCa Hemp and Mushroom dispensary and alternative super store! We are known for our amazing nano hemp infused adult slushies, with 9 machines always ready to serve our guests with the best in the area!

We also sell award winning vapor products including liquid, disposables, Kratom, THC dabs, edibles, flower, pre rolls, blunts, drinks, water pipes, dab rigs, bangers, nails, bongs, wraps, papers, electric rigs, drinks and so much more! At The Good Life Store we have very knowledgeable and attentive staff that strives to help and educate each customer that walks through our doors! We take great pride in serving our community! We are a safe space to improve your everything!


Q Will I fail a drug test with your products?

Anything from our THC selection of products will unfortunately cause you to fail a drug screen. We do, however, sell CBD products as well as products from kava and mushrooms that can assist with the relief you are seeking!

Q Are the slushies strong? What is in them?

YES! We recommend consuming half of the cup and saving the rest for later! Even if you have a tolerance, they are still strong! Each 16oz cup is infused with 100mg of Nano D9! Drink responsibly!

Q Are children allowed into the store?

No. You must be 21 to enter the Good Life Store. We require physical ID of each person that enters. We do not allow for people under 21 to browse. Please have your physical ID ready when you enter the store. No exceptions allowed.

Q Do you sell cannabis seeds?

YES! It is perfectly legal for you to purchase seeds from us! We keep a large selection of seeds in stock! If it's legal, it's here! That goes for mushroom spores as well! We keep 4-5 strains on hand in the store at all times!

Q Do you have a rewards program?

YES! We have a Keyholder membership program that we run ourselves to ensure that your data stays safe! For $20 you will get a Good Life Key (a super cool Hotel keychain) that will get you 5% off every purchase, it will get you into the store an hour early on big sale days, it will get you on an exclusive mailing list with promotions just for you. Ask one of our awesome sales associates about the Keyholders program on your next visit.